C Sense

Transport. I would make it compulsory that all motor vehicle users attend a first aid course and be shown videos from accidents to make them think about driving fast.
I know its unpopular but I would remove car tax and road charging schemes and simply put the tax on fuel, those that drive more will pay more, those living in rural areas and low earners will be compensated by reduced income tax. I would introduce a cheap vignette system for those who use the motorway (25UKP per year) which would also generate revenue from tourists.
I would then use the money raised to invest in a decent public transport system, if it provides advantages over a car then people will use it, but it must be easier cheaper and as convenient. I would also raise the speed limits out of built up areas by 10Mph
I would abolish all tax on fuel and instead put a huge tax on windscreen wiper and washer fluid and then have spot checks and fine drivers 1 Pound for every fly on the windscreen